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{Dynamics 365 Quick Tips} Export 1 million record using Excel static sheet

By default we can only export 10000 records at a time from Dynamics CRM 356 export to excel feature.

In today’s blog I am going to tell you trick to increase this limitation and then you shoud be able to export 1 million records.

Step 1:

Go to Github repository to download managed solution. Once downloaded, Navigate to settings and solutions then install the downloaded managed solution to your crm instance.

Step 2:

Once imported open the solution and navigate to Configuration tab and you will see list of settings which can be modified for the organization.


Step 3:

Look for MaxRecordsForExportToExcel settings and click on Add-> Accept changes->Click Ok-> Click Edit->Update value with 1000000 and publish. Currently In my instance I have set this value to 100000 but maximum value you can set for this setting is 1 Million.


Step 4:

Once published refresh your CRM instance and click export to excel. You should be able to Export 1 Million records from CRM.

Hope this helps!



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