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{Dynamics 365 Quick Tips} Enable Rich Text Editor on an Appointment Entity form

Currently CRM Email activity description/body field support Rich Text Editor. However, When you create an appointment entity you will see plain editor on description field.

Current state of the appointment form


Recently I was asked to enable rich text editor on an appointment entity same as Email. I checked on form editor and couldn’t find any settings to enable that.

Then I checked OrgDBsettings tool on which I have already posted my previous blogs and found that we have a setting to enable rich text editor on an appointment entity.

To acheive this follow below steps on your current crm instance.

Step 1:

Go to Github repository to download managed solution. Once downloaded, Navigate to settings and solutions then install the downloaded managed solution to your crm instance.

Step 2:

Once imported open the solution and navigate to Configuration tab and you will see list of settings which can be modified for the organization.


Step 3:

Look for setting with name “appointmentricheditorexperience” and set the value to true from false. Publish the changes and refresh your form “Eureka”.


Note – 

When you enable the rich text experience, server-side synchronization and appointment activities support rich text. With the rich text editor, appointment descriptions can contain rich text. After enabling, if you choose to disable the setting, the appointment editor description field will reset to the plain-text field. Previously synchronized appointments’ description will still contain rich-text HTML markup. Although the rich text editor can be used with appointment activities, it can’t be used with recurring appointments. When an appointment that contains rich text is converted to a recurring appointment, the description field for the activity is converted to a plain-text field containing rich text content.

After publishing the setting, You should be able to see Rich Text Editor on an Appointment Entity.



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3 thoughts on “{Dynamics 365 Quick Tips} Enable Rich Text Editor on an Appointment Entity form

  1. Thanks for all your videos. Need a suggestion on this “Rich Text Editor”. When a form is downloaded using Word template with rich text editor i see special characters in the form of a code
    EX: & is displayed as “& Amp” . Is there any solution to display the content as it is
    Thanks in Advance


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