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Pulling the data from Dataverse into an external system using Power Automate


I have a requirement, in which I want to send data from Dynamics 365 to an extern on Prem Software. I know there are some HTTP triggers in Power Automate to send the data with a ApI request. I’m actually a little bit confused with these triggers.

In my case the Customer wants to have a API-Key or URL to access the data and pull it from DYn365 to their software.

Is this possible to cerate a URL in the following trigger (When a HTTP request is received), so that the customer can access the records or tables in Dyn365?



I added When a HTTP request is received trigger, Initialized variable to store Data which will be returned in Body as response. Added check condition to see if Email address is passed is not blank.

I then added List Rows action to fetch contact record based in Email address passed in request body, Applying for each and adding json contact data to array variable.

Then I am returning the data as response using response Action.

I validated my flow by executing the POST method from postman as shown below –


This way we build simple and no code & Low code flow to return data from dynamics to external system. I have taken the simple use case but it can be modified to achieve robust integration as well.

I will be uploading the flow zip file to my github page link below so that you can easily import this to your environment and modify based on your requirement.


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