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{Dynamics 365} Refresh Timeline using Javascript

Recently while working on one of the project we wanted to refresh the Timeline control on the form using code. We had a button on ribbon to create notes and on click of that we were creating Notes record using Web API. Once notes were getting created, newly created notes were not visible on Timeline.

The idea of providing button is to have different look and feel for our customer to create Notes. They did not want to use Timeline notes create option.

To refresh the Timeline control on the form using Javascript code we can use below code.

refreshTimeline: function (exeContext) {
        var _formContext = exeContext.getFormContext();

Hope this helps!

3 thoughts on “{Dynamics 365} Refresh Timeline using Javascript

  1. Hi, nice tip.
    Can you please help me with how did you trigger new note creation with a button from the ribbon. I am struggling to open the Note form in edit mode.


    1. Hello Abhishek,

      Thank you for visiting my blog.

      We had used HTM web resource to show Note related custom field. We were not using OOB Note entity.

      Hope this helps!


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