Dynamics CRM 365 Interview Questions

WBG Interview Questions

1. Can Interface have multiple methods with same name?
Ans:- Yes but different signature.
2. C# Serialization & Deserialization
3. difference between custom workflow and actions in dynamics 365
4. User level access on Assign, Create..Can I create Record with Owner as Team?
5. Passing Object by reference and value
6. Plugin- Create Two Contact from Account First Name and Last Name
7. How to Deserialize Json to Class Object
8. Can you have same method with different signature in Class. Method Overloading
10. New features in D365

Interview –

1. Quick introduction and day to day activities.

2. Plugin execution pipleline. have you used prevalidation event in your projects

3. advantage/disadvantage of Pre validation

4. when you create entity user/org level entity. purpose of that

5. security part

6. creation of contact, parent contact as well,

7. plugin operation register – diff pre/post

8. how do you test plugins

9. have you written classes, static vs Instance class

10. new features in Dynamics 365. Dynamics & CDS are

Interview –

1. Quick introduction and day to day activities.

2. Can you explain register plugin and debug plugin

3. How can I get the error log file, is there any option to get the log file.

4. Have scenario, Im creating Account and having phone #. there should not be 2 phone number for same account. which event will you write and explain the process

5. can you give example for retrieve plugin

6. how good on .net

7. did you ever use static class

8. when creating entity, what are the options, user or Team/Organization

9. what is Append/Append to meaning

Interview –

1. Brief introduction and day-day activities

2. Creation entity, user level/Org level entity

3. what is change tracking, how it work differently at SDK level

4. what is custom action and why do you use

5. security scenario

5. you have revenue in account. how do you update all revenue to contact under accounts

6. how do you write exceptions in plugin

7. what is your approach to do for testing custom plugins, how do you automate since it is the .net code

8. you are using managed solution in production, i need to delete one of the attribute in production, how do you do that.

9. want to change data type of attribute, how do you change for the managed solution

Interview –

1. Brief introduction and day-day activiites

2. give recent plugin which you developed along with requirement

3. difference between CDS and CRM and which is having most features in CDS or CRM

4. which area you worked extensively in Dynamics CRM

5. what is your understanding in security

6. when you create entity, difference between user level or organization

7. contact and task entity,how will access

8. have you used ootb modules, sales or service

9. can you tell me what is sales pipleline, what is key data element to understand sales process

10. contact and task entity, want to know how many open tasks under that contact entity

11. what is calculated field

12. what is roll up field

13. can you tell me which specific area you want to ask in Dynamics

14. what is cloning & patching in CRM

Microsoft Hands-on Interview Customer Engagement Round

Employee Management System Create a Entity Employee with following fields
Employee ID – Single line of text
Company – Account Lookup
Emergency Contact – Contact lookup
Mobile – Single line of text
Language known – Multi Select (Add any five language)
Department – Option set(HR, IT, Operations)
Is Full Time employee – Two Option
Date of Birth – Date
Salary – Currency
Age – whole Number
Consider following scenario Implement sequential auto number for Employee ID. Employee ID Should be unique. Auto Number implementation should be custom and not OOB
Create a console application to import the data from excel sheet. Excel sheet has the column of the employee record in dynamics.
Read data from excel sheet in console application
Create/update record in dynamics based on employee ID
If any new column added to the employee entity, there is no need to change the code. Console application should automatically do
the mapping based on the column in excel sheet.
If there is any failure while creating the record, application should retry
There should be robust retry mechanism & error handling

Common Interview Questions

  1. On Account Create plugin Creating a new task, now when we deploy the plugin to Production two task record is getting created why?
    Ans :- Plugin step is profiled and deployed to production without stopping the profiler
  2. Lead is getting created from external system, requirement is to throw an exception when Email Address is blank. Do not use Workflow and plugin.
    Ans :- Create new Business Rule with scope as Entity
  3. I would like to hide some contact record with the user who is having system admin security role assigned?
    Ans :- Write RetrieveMultiple plugin to remove contact records from the query/dataset
  4. How do we add button on Advanced Find ribbon, show/hide button based on some value from result dataset?
  5. Sync and Async workflow, who will be the createdby/modified by User when record gets cerated from classic workflow?

Power Apps Interview Questions

  1. How do you handle duplicates when you enable Canvas app for offline capability?
  2. How to trigger Business rule from canvas app?
  3. Push notification in canvas app
  4. Bulk create/update record from canvas app
  5. How do you handle error in canvas app?