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{Dynamics 365 Quick Tips} Increase Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Phones client limitations

Recently I was working on one of the projects where business ask was to enable Mobile client for Dynamics 365. We had complex customizations of the form and had included more than 80 fields, more than 10 list and more than 5 tabs on the form.

The challenge which we were facing that not all fields, tabs and lists were visible. So I thought of exploring this as to why all components were not visible.

Then I cam across one of the great tool published by Sean McNellis PFE from microsoft is OrgDbOrgSettings. In today’s blog I will walk you through steps as to increase those limits on Mobile client.

Step 1:

Go to Github repository to download managed solution. Once downloaded, Navigate to settings and solutions then install the downloaded managed solution to your crm instance.

Step 2:

Once imported open the solution and navigate to Configuration tab and you will see list of settings which can be modified for the organization.


Step 4:

Now we are going to increase the limitation for fields, list and tabs which is highlighted in above image. To do that click on Add-> Accept changes and click on OK->Then click on Edit->update as per your requirement.


Step 5:

Once published the changes refresh logout from your mobile app and log in again. Now you should be able to see missing fields, tabs and lists.

I will going to explore this utility and write blog on other settings. Stay tuned.

Hope this helps!


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