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Dynamics 365 Enable Send Direct Email Action in Unified Interface

Recently we had a requirement to send bulk email from Lead home grid. Initially we thought to implement custom button to be added on Home grid on Lead entity. And call custom action to send bulk email.

However when we researched on microsoft doc, We have found out OOB feature Send Direct Email which is exactly what we wanted to acheive.

To enable this feature Navigate to Advanced settings->Settings

Then go to Administration->System Settings->Email tab

Then select checkbox Enable Send Direct Email Action in Unified Interface for Send Email enabled entities

Click on Okay and do hard refresh (Ctrl+F5).

Now when you navigate to any entity home grid which has Send Email enabled, You will see new button Send Direct Email when you select one or more records from the grid.

New popup window will appear with below details to be selected on the page

  1. To -> You have three drop down option to select from A) Selected Records on Current Page B) All records on current page C) All records on all pages
  2. From-> You can either select User or queue records in this lookup field which is same as normal email form
  3. Language -> Drop down of languages enabled in your organization
  4. Template -> Select any existing Template which is to be used while sending an email

Once you select Email Template you will see preview of the Template on Send Email popup window to validate your content.

Once you have selected all fields value click on Send button to send bulk email.

It is indeed a great feature to explore in Dynamics.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog!


2 thoughts on “Dynamics 365 Enable Send Direct Email Action in Unified Interface

  1. Great post; thanks for the info. Is it possible to remove the “All Records on All Pages” option from the “To” field?


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