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Dataverse Group by Attribute in Fetchxml C#

It’s been while since I have written any blog. Today blog will be on quick tip to group attribute and get result in c# using Fetch xml and Linq.

While working on one of the requirement I was asked to get the data from CRM and group it by Owner. I have used below code to achieve my requirement which can be helpful for you as well.

 string queryRoomAllocDetails = $@"<fetch version='1.0' output-format='xml-platform' mapping='logical' distinct='false'>
                                                  <entity name='crfdf_roomallocationdetails'>
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_roomallocationdetailsid' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_name' />
                                                    <attribute name='createdon' />
                                                    <attribute name='statuscode' />
                                                    <attribute name='statecode' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_room' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_rentpermonth' />
                                                    <attribute name='overriddencreatedon' />
                                                    <attribute name='ownerid' />
                                                    <attribute name='modifiedon' />
                                                    <attribute name='modifiedonbehalfby' />
                                                    <attribute name='modifiedby' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_lastpaymentdate' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_isvacant' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_isnotify' />
                                                    <attribute name='createdonbehalfby' />
                                                    <attribute name='createdby' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_contacts' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_contact' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_allocatedto' />
                                                    <attribute name='crfdf_allocateddate' />
                                                    <order attribute='crfdf_name' descending='false' />

                EntityCollection roomAllocDetails = svc.RetrieveMultiple(new FetchExpression(queryRoomAllocDetails));

                var responseRoomAllocDetails=roomAllocDetails.Entities.GroupBy(x => x.Attributes["ownerid"]).Select(x => x);

                foreach (var data in responseRoomAllocDetails)
                    foreach (var result in data)

FetchXML OOB does suppport grouping but you can only fetch fields which are part of the grouping and aggregate function (Min, Max, Count) applied attributes only.

Hope this helps!


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