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{Common Data Service} Timezone, Language, Duration and Ticker Symbol Field Format

I have been asked to Create dropdown which will list down all timezones in Dynamics CRM. Earlier I was thinking to go with HTML web resource then I came to know the field format.

The following table lists the format string values to expect for each type of attribute schema type and format option.

Application Field TypeFormat OptionAttribute TypeFormat Value
Date and TimeDate Onlydatetimedate
Date and TimeDate and Timedatetimedatetime
Whole NumberDurationintegerduration
Single Line of TextE-mailstringemail
Whole NumberLanguageoptionsetlanguage
Whole NumberNoneintegernone
Single Line of TextText Areastringtextarea
Single Line of TextTextstringtext
Single Line of TextTicker Symbolstringtickersymbol
Single Line of TextPhonestringphone
Whole NumberTime Zoneoptionsettimezone
Single Line of TextUrlstringurl

In this blog I will walk you through Timezone, Language, Duration and Ticker Symbol Field Format.

Navigate to Entity->Field->Create New->Select field Type and format.

I have added all fields on the Account form.

As you can see you get nice dropdown fields for Language Duration and Timezone.

Language will list down all language which are enabled for your CRM Instance.

Now when you fetch these fields value in Web API, this is what it looks like


For Duration, Timezone and Language you get Integer value associated to the options.

Ticker Symbol – A ticker symbol is an arrangement of characters—usually, letters—representing particular securities listed or traded publicly. When a company issues securities to the public marketplace, it selects an available ticker symbol for its shares. Investors and traders use the ticker symbol to place trade orders

You will see Stock market bar symbol besides field data and when you click on the link it will open Stock exchage page.

Hope this helps!

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