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Configure and setup Connected Field Service for Dynamics 365 – Part 1

What is Connected Field Service?

The Connected Field Service solution harnesses data from an IoT platform into the Dynamics 365 Field Service app to help organizations proactively detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely, dispatching a technician only when necessary. The solution enables you to shift from costly scheduled maintenance plans to just-in-time predictive maintenance.

Steps to setup and configure Connected Field Service for Dynamics 365

1)Navigate to https://trials.dynamics.com/ and select Field Service then sign up with your personal account google/outlook.


2)Once installed you should see below entities avaiable under Field Service App


3)Next step is to setup Azure free trial account. Use below link to set up 30 days trial account


4)Once both Dynamics 365 and Azure portal setup is completed. Navigate to below URL to set up CFS(Connected Field Service) azure components

Next, deploy and connect Azure IoTHub to your Field Service environment by going to https://cfsdeployment.crm.dynamics.com/ and following the instructions.


Before you install Connected Field Service, make sure you have the following:

  • Dynamics 365 Field Service. For more information, visit the topic on installing Dynamics 365 Field Service.
  • Dynamics 365 system administrator credentials. For users with Office 365 global administrator access, they must be assigned the System Administrator security role within the Dynamics 365 organization.
  • An IoT – Administrator role in the IoT solution (to access IoT entities and IoT functionality), plus another role, like Field Service – Dispatcher (to access Dynamics 365).
  • An active Azure subscription with appropriate privileges. See our topic on Azure prerequisites for more information.
  • Microsoft Power BI PRO and the sample report template. More information: Download the Power BI Template for Connected Field Service

5)Select checkbox to acept terms and conditions and then selecte your CRM instance as shown below


6)Click Next and now select Azure instance which is free trial as shown below


6)Click Next and now provide Resource Group Name and select Region to deploy CFS related azure components


7)Click Next and final step to provide Azure details – Create Application User How to: Use the portal to create an Azure AD application

Once registered, Next provide Application ID and Secret details. Also provide Sql details and note down these details for future use.


8)Click on Deploy button and wait for the operation to complete. Once completed you will see below page


9)One final step is to Autorize Connector in Azure. Click on button shown in above image and autorize connector in azure portal.

That’s it. Set up and configuration of CFS is completed. Next part I will go through the components installed in Azure and also we will deep dive into simulator and IOT Alerts.

For now Keep exploring Power Platform!


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