Schedule Azure Web Job using Logic App

In 2016, we launched Azure Logic Apps, which includes the ability to configure and run scheduled jobs as well as advanced workflow features. Because Logic Apps fully replaces Azure Scheduler capabilities, Scheduler will be retired as a standalone service on September 30, 2019.

Follow below step by step process to schedule Azure Web Job using Logic Apps

Step[1] Publish Console Application to Azure Web Job

Step[2] Once Published, Navigate to Azure portal->App Service->Open Web App

Step[3] Navigate to Web jobs->Select Web Job->Click on Properties


Step[4] Copy Webhook URL, User Name and Password which we will later use in Logic App

Step[5] Now Create new logic app and navigate to logic app designer

Step[6]  Add Recurrence trigger to define the timings of web job


Step[7] Add HTTP Action to invoke Azure Web Job. HTTP Verb should be POST, Provide Webhook URL which you have copied from step 4


Step[8] Select Authorization Type as Basic and provie User Name & Password

Bonus Tip

To pass parameters from Logic App to Azure Web Job, append below parameter in webhook URL

?arguments=”1″//Value ->1

Hope this helps!

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