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{Dynamics CRM 365} Convert Email To Task

We had a requirement to Convert Email to Task records and it will be a manual process done by User.

We have utlized On-Demand workflow to achieve this requirement as it was easy to implement and No code Low code solution.

Step – 1 Navigate to Settings->Process->create new Process->give name as Convert Email To Task. Make sure you provide appropriate name as this name will appear on Email form.

Step – 2 Select Checkbox Run as On Demand Process and uncheck all other trigger options. Select scope as organization.


Step – 3 Add step to Create Record and Select Task


Step – 4 Click on Set Properties and add mapping of fields as shown below


Step – 5 Save and Activate the workflow. Now navigate to Email Record and click on Flow->You should see On Deman Workflow. Select Convert Email To Task and click on OK


Once done New Task with all fields value will be create in the system.



You can select the option to run the workflow in context of User who is executing the On Demand flow. In this case you will have provide appropriate permission on Task entity for that particulat.

You can also choose to run in the context of workflow Owner and Assign the workflow to User who is having system admin role.

Hope this helps!

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