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Dynamics CRM 365 Capture Case Resolved Date on Case Entity

Currently CRM does not capture Case Resolved Date on Case entity when we resolve cases . We have recieved a requirement from business to capture Resolved Date on case form for analysis and reporting purpose.

CRM System creates Incident Resolution entity record when we close cases in CRM, So I thought of using this entity in OOB workflow. However when I checked workflow we don’t have this entity exposed.

To achieve this business requirement we can use pre operation plugin custom code on Incident Resolution entity.

  1. Create a custom attribute of date type to capture Resolved Date
  2. Register steps on Incident Resolution Create message Pre-operation sync plugin
  3. Copy and paste below code and update attribute name.

Entity objIncidentResolution = context.InputParameters["Target"] as Entity;
                        if (objIncidentResolution.LogicalName != IncidentResolution.EntityLogicalName) return;//Check Entity

                        if (objIncidentResolution != null && service != null)
                            DateTime dtCreatedOn = DateTime.MinValue;
                            EntityReference erfIncident = null;

                                dtCreatedOn = objIncidentResolution.GetAttributeValue(IncidentResolution.createdonAttribute);

                            if (objIncidentResolution.Contains(IncidentResolution.incidentidAttribute))
                                erfIncident = objIncidentResolution.GetAttributeValue(IncidentResolution.incidentidAttribute);
                            if(erfIncident != null && dtCreatedOn > DateTime.MinValue && dtCreatedOn < DateTime.MaxValue)
                                //Update Incident record
                                Incident objIncidentUpdate = new Incident();
                                objIncidentUpdate.Id = erfIncident.Id;
                                objIncidentUpdate["new_resolutiondate"] = dtCreatedOn;

Key Points –

  1. Execution Pipeline should be Pre-Operation otherwise you will get an error “case is already Closed”
  2. Add this attribute on Form, views and use this for reporting and analytics

Hope you find this helpful!


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