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Dynamics 365 Key points to consider before moving from Ground to Cloud

Moving from On-premise to Online is good thing as we have more fetures on Online version and updates of new features available on cloud first but it is painful job to move from ground to cloud.

Below are some of the key points which needs to be considered before migration

1. cleaning your resources – Async maintenance job
2. Attachment – Attachment extractor XRMToolbox Tool to sharepoint [Azure blob storage]
3. Clean up data – data conversion, attribute usage and inspect xrmtoolbox Tool
4. Unsupported customization – hacking DOM, sql trigger, legacy upgrade check Tool from microsoft, methods not docuemented on SDK, code freeze, ISV
5. Data – Index rebuild, Creating new index, space needed [Top table usage report in SQL], Data purge, delete data what is not required
6. Reports – SSRS reports not supported, only fetchxml report, sqltofetch.com, aggregate fetch limit 5000, Dynamics 365 Export service, Power BI Report
7. forms – legacy rendering,JS migration, use business rule, JS checker Tool
8. Plugins – only sandbox plugin supported, external web service call limitation
9. User ID will be different in Online, Personal views, dashboard…modified on datetime
10. Use Overridecreatedon field for createdon field legacy data






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